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Perfect solution for your water monitoring equipment needs.

What we do

BulFro is the technology development company, we are introducing IOT based disruptive monitoring technologies. We Monitor & Control almost all the system…..The Name BulFro Monitech resembles with Bull-Frog, an amphibian who never sleeps.

Our Mission

We are committed to the world to build innovative products and offer disruptive services with appropriate technologies which will help to fulfill the water needs in a green, efficient and cost-effective way & partner our customer to reduce carbon footprints.

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We want to be the most successful company in our markets with disruptive innovations, We want employees who will be strongly engaged and synergized with organization’s mission and vision, We want to respect social values and the environment,

More About Us & our Team

We are motivated with 3 fundamental concepts & want to get recognized as “BulFro disrupted the monitoring technology”

First, our core vision is a commitment to maintaining a technological lead in the monitoring market through the constant introduction of new technologies to the new customers with a better value proposition. We strive to continually be capable of adopting innovative solutions to that the marketplace demands. We recognize there is no one answer for every customer because of geography, environment, and business, so the technology must be created and deployed by our associates and staff for the customers so they can understand and pursue the right solutions.

Secondly, we must embrace continuous change and be at the technological edge. Technology & innovation are dynamic changes overnight. We are capable of adapting to changes. It requires needs strong learning agility and change appetite

The third, the right culture. An entrepreneurial mindset is necessary for innovation. And business mindset for sustenance. The engagement of each participant in a team is necessary. The goal should be common, leads to great synergies. Innovative culture is the must thing… which we stick on.

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Deepak Narde
Founder & CEO

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Founder & CTO

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