Wide Range of IoT Based
Water e-Governance Equipment
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The water crises and the innovative solution is our objective. Inspired by the vision of India’s Prime Minister, The vision of employment through start-up innitiative. Bulfro is a persistant follower of his vision. Continuing efforts in betterment of water e-governance with moto “Adequate and Clean Water for every one”

Road Travelled Till Date

Our first step was establishing a well-equipped Research and Development section. Soon after, developed aquifer management products like , Digital Water Level Recorder. Bullfro successfully launched the Pump Health Monitoring and Control System.

Technology Development Company

Bulfro Monitech Pvt Ltd, a privately held Technology company was found in 2018 by the entreprenuers, Deepak a business and marketing sperehead and Sachin a experienced research engineer in the field of Water Governance with Iot Technology. The comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of water e-governance. Bulfro focuses on aquiefer management, resource management and conservation. Another sphere of operation is water distribution systems and management. The sofesticated operations, Monitoring & control & Reporting are the pillers of e-distribution mechanism. Bulfro’s proficiency in micro processors controls, water pumping and manufacturing supports the objective. Jist of new technology initiatives and learning agility of modern and up-dated technologies in the field of e-Water Governance fuels the vision & distinctive features of our company.

Disruptive Technologies

Aquefer management, water distribution and control with IoT technology is out of box way towards “Adequate and Clean Water for every one”. Automation & PLC controls with the help of IoT is disruptive solution which can replace expensive SCADA with very light weight, faster Bulfro Systems. The operation and controls are faster, sofessticated and remote.

Platforms We Support




Welcome to Bulfro

Welcome to the world of disruptive automation, which monitors reports and controls the engineering products & processes. We provide unique 24 X 7 monitoring services as well. BulFro Monitech is a technology development company. Our technology driven products and disruptive technologies helps to improve quality of life by improving Reliability of product and service. Reduce the maintenance by safeguarding the product and reducing the maintenance cost. Important of all conserve the precious nature & green environment.

Monitor your pump activity and health online 24×7

OverLoad, Dry Run, Phase Voltage Imbalance, Current Imbalance, Phase Failure, Water Level, Remote ON/OFF, Scheduler


It monitors your pump activity and health online 24×7 for – Voltage, Current, Temperature, Flow, Pressure, On Time, Off Time, Working Hours, Mode of Start and Number of ON/OFF of Pumpsets.


It reports of Working Conditions & Health of pump as – Pump ON/OFF, Current Status, Unhealthy Condition Report, Prognosis based on health status.


It controls and ensures for the safety of your pump in – OverLoad, Dry Run, Phase Voltage Imbalance, Current Imbalance, Phase Failure, Water Level, Remote ON/OFF, Scheduling ON/OFF.

Crystal Reports

It sends monthly performance as well as analytical report of performance like Average Voltage, Current, Flow, Details of unhealthy conditions by email.

Bulfro Solution

Flexible & Customizable

Bulfro solution is customizable and can be modeled for different applications. The structured program enables user to connect different data sensors to the cloud instantly. Quick data access for business analytics possible.

Strong Cloud Based Architecture

The cloud based solution with lightning fast receiver delivers world class User Interface. The receiver is queck Erlang server. The faster data parser is bult with NodeJS. The reporter is again NodeJS. The heart of system is MongoDB the rugged asynchronous data base. This unique combination & strong architecture gives user a unique experience.

Advance IoT Technology

The internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.