PHMC the “LITE SCADA with IoT” a game changer in Water Automation.


Since early ages human being trying hard to innovate the equipments that can reduce the human efforts or improve the quality of life. Beyond the physical efforts world witnessed automation revolution; however the sophistication we call it automation came with cost. The time passed by and automation related innovations
were directed to the disruption, improved its value. Eventually the amusement of gigantic & fancy automation came down, the fantasies of SCADA/HMI have reduced. The market is asking a pragmatic question, is this level of automation is really required?
Decade back automation for water resources and water distribution was very noble and innovative thought. SCADA was seen as very amusing solution to water operation however, if the objective of automation is referred, the functionality requires very little automation. SCADA implementation will have zero burden to bear,
but with high cost. But water automations, if providing necessary automation along with the budget price will be a game changer.
Bulfro has identified this gap and innovated PHMC a LITE SCADA which unleashes market demand The start-ups like Bulfro is offering this innovative solution. Further to this functionality, PHMC is IoT enabled, which offers disruptive benefit like remote operations, monitoring & control.
The conventional SCADA needs skilled personal at floor, however PHMC the Lite SCADA system can be operated remotely where a lesser number of skilled personnel can manage the whole operations for a district or for a state.

Ground Facts

There are many SCADA/HMI who claims to be low cost but yet the price charges strike to unreasonable amount when user requires one more basic feature, such as additional driver protocol, thick/thin client, alarm notification, etc. Imagine you can get the basic package with almost everything you need, at a very cheap price 15000 INR, but somehow you have no choice but to buy for one more thick client access (because it is compulsory in your project), and the price has strike to 250000 INR or even higher, in addition heavy data charges. That would be a deep pain in a budget of the project. The other pain point is the imbalance feeling between cheated and betrayed.

Diruptive minds of Bulfro have understood the misery. Developed “LITE SCADA with IoT which is called PHMC” solution to measure every user’s need. PHMC is specially dedicated to those who wish to automate a small water application or a treatment plant or a pumping station. Note that the difference with others, that we support
multiple driver protocols in even this Lite package. The PHMC is IoT / Internet of things based system, it has cloud based data management, hence the clients are remotely connected. Such disruptive techniques has removed hurdles of high cost architecture. Some other features of PHMC are listed as follows :


  • Server runtime license: 5 I/Os
  • Additional cards can increase I/Os as per requirement
  • Protocol: ALL (including Modbus, OPC, Profinet, etc.)
  • Thin Client: NA – (alternative Web browser/Android)
  • Thick client: NA – (alternative Web browser)
  • User account: 4
  • Alarm notification: Yes on Mobile/Web/Android
  • App. platform: 16 bit
  • O.S. platform: 16 bit
  • Database: MongoDB Asyncronous
  • Historian log: 1 Year
  • Android App Client: Multiple

Technical support may be one of the concerns for users. Bulfro PHMC package comes with direct technical support with Ist year free, & support materials available on the internet & 24 X 7 Call Centre Support, as well as the User Guide that comes along with the installation for free.

Basically, other than the above mentioned features, user can also opt for additional modules such as Service Mode, or even direct technical support, without any additional cost.

Benefit to our Users

By choosing PHMC, your system will be light and clean as it only runs what you need, and thus ensuring the stability and reliability. Since the objective is to serve a small scale application, the top priority will be to compile a low cost SCADA which is lean and fast and actually works.

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