GIS Mapping

Perfect solution for your water monitoring equipment needs.

We offer a comprehensive GIS services through the field surveys, satellite images and toposheets. We have the expertise in the field of GIS with the software packages such as Arc GIS, ERDAS Imagine, Q GIS, Rock Works and Google Earth. By using such a digital technique, we provide a bird’s eye view to our associates with preparation of following basic digital maps, in the field of geology and hydrogeology

  1. Location map of recharge structures, observatory wells, etc.
  2. Drainage basin map, streams and natural water bodies’ map, Drainage basin relief map, Drainage density map, etc.
  3. Spatial variation maps of elements in drainage basin such as variation of pH, EC, TDS , Mg, Na,K,Cl,Ca,SO4,etc.
  4. GW contour maps, Flow net diagrams, etc.
  5. Geological map of study area.
  6. Preparation of hydrographs.