Geophysical Surveys

Perfect solution for your water monitoring equipment needs.

We are making the constant efforts towards the gathering of detailed data of subsurface by using the digital geophysical survey instruments. It helps in the accuracy of the observations and always helpful to provide better facilities to our clients.

The Vertical Electrical Sounding Surveys are done by using Schlumberger Method with digital resistivity meter for the identification of recharge potential zones, water availability below surface and demarcation of weak   zones such as faults, fractures and cavity. For this we follow following basic methods

  1. Gathering Information about various subsurface layers and their resistivity by using proper geophysical method.
  2. Use of IPI2WIN software to plot VES data.
  3. Interpretation of observed curve with master curve.
  4. Preparation of 2-D geological section.
  5. Final interpretation of subsurface geology by correlating VES data with the local geological of the area.